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3 Things you need to know about getting your house pressure washed


Will the chemicals kill my plants?

Unlikely. While power washing chemicals are manufactured to be safe for animal and plant life, it is possible for runoffs to effect plants. Water diluted bleach (3 to 1) and detergent (10 to 1) is used in cleaning to remove microorganisms, like mold and mildew as well as dirt. To prevent damage RinseHouse Professionals are trained to gently water surrounding foliage before and after the rinse preserving the plant and soil environment.


Will Pressure Washing Damage My Siding And Leak Into My House?

Most of our RinseHouse Professionals use what is know as a soft wash technique which uses the power of cleaning agents over high pressure PSI. This will protect your siding from damage. In some instances high pressure may make sense for your home or project. Either way, as long as windows are shut and your home is properly sealed you should have no concern for water leaking into your home.


Do I Need To Be Home On The Day Of Service?

No. Once you’ve booked your appointment you’re all set. Just make sure before your scheduled day of service that you’ve closed all windows and have moved any outdoor items such as furniture, planters, or decor safely into the garage.

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